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Customer Service

Customer Service

Pittsburgh-Strip District Store Location:

1719 Penn Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Store Hours:

Mon-Thurs: 8am-4pm

Fri- 8am-5pm



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 The Perfect Gift

Coffee is the perfect gift!

Take a pound of coffee to all of your friends!

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Just ask for a gift bag.

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Gift Cards

Perfect for the

Coffee & Tea Lover!

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Ethiopian Yirgachefe Coffee

Ethiopian Yirgachefe Coffee ON SALE

Mellow-Full Body

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On Sale! $9.29/lb

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Green Raw

Unroasted Coffee

 Unroasted Raw Green Coffee  Roast your own coffee!

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 How to roast coffee

 Try our Viennese Cinnamon Coffee!

Spicy and Comforting

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Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Warm & Spicy

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Available in decaf too!





JP in front of one of his 150 pound capacity Jabez Burns roasters.

John Prestogeorge

        Above: John Prestogeorge (Master Roaster and  creator of

       J.P. Hearty Blend) is seriously devoted to roasting the perfect

       coffee. In this photo, John compares the color of the freshly   

       roasted coffee beans to distinguish exactly what is needed to

       bring forth the distinctive quality and flavor in each roast.

Our Founder, John Prestogeorge, 1926-2010


Organic Holiday Black Tea

Organic Holiday Black Tea

On Sale $4.50/4oz.

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Visit our Flavored Black Tea

Selection Now!

Organic Herbal Holiday Tea

Organic Herbal Holiday Tea

On Sale $4.50/4oz.
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Visit our Herbal

Tea Selection Now!


Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee

    Rare Tanzania Peaberry

Peaberry is a type of coffee bean that is widely reputed as being a sweeter and more delicate cup of joe. Instead of the usual two beans within the coffee fruit, there is only a single bean. This natural mutation only occurs in approximately 3-5% of harvested coffee, and is hand-selected and very rare. This special bean brews a complex and delectable cup. Roasted Full City.

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Indian Monsoon Malabar Coffee

 Indian Monsoon Malabar

This distinct coffee bean is harvested and exposed to nature's elements of the monsoon season: wind, humidity and rain. As the beans absorb the moisture, they begin to take on unique characteristics, resulting in a medium-bodied, earthy cup with low acidity.

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